How to Visit Using VPN without Being Tracked, Blocked or Filtered on Windows PC, Mac or Mobile Devices (iPhone/Android Phone or Tablet)

Can't you visit website or similar domains? Do you want to browse securely without any traces?

Access denied?! Or, are you suffering from Internet filtering program and/or other filtering services? Online tracking? Hackers? And/or so-called (free) VPN services failed to meet your video streaming needs at Hulu or Netflix? If you're not using a valid VPN service provider, you're missing out on near-priceless opportunities to protect your privacy, anonymity and more.

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Below is a list of top-grade VPN service providers we highly recommend to you. Take a closer look at the table below.

Top VPN Service Providers 2017 DEALS!

Proxy.SH ($2/Month)

  • Offers strongly encrypted VPN tunnels in dozens of countries across the planet.
  • Also Offers a great variety of proxy options.
  • Offers daily basis a warrant canary.
  • Visit official Proxy.SH website

ZenMate VPN

  • Provides industry-leading privacy protection
  • Helps access almost any otherwise restricted content without problems
  • Contains extra cyber Security solution
  • Visit official ZenMate website

12VPN (35% Off)

  • Best option for bypassing Internet censorship in China (aka, Great Firewall of China)
  • Offers Auto-Proxy if you still need it
  • Other must-use features are SmartDNS, Smart Routing, and High-speed (* You can contact TwelveRocks' support centre for more speed)
  • Visit official 12VPN website

BolehVPN ($9.99/Month)

  • Encrypted with the AES algorithm
  • Implements PFS with SSL/TLS
  • Offers L2TP support for devices that do not allow using OpenVPN
  • Supports DD-WRT & AsusWRT
  • Visit official BolehVPN website

CyberGhost VPN (70% Off)

FrootVPN ($3.95/Month)

  • Easy access to 50 servers in 17 countries
  • Offers unlimited switches to high activity users
  • Offers THREE day money back guarantee
  • Visit official FrootVPN website

ExpressVPN (35% Off)

  • A user-friendly VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Offers ultra speed and encryption.
  • Top-level customer response.
  • Offering 100+ VPN locations (* Counting).
  • Visit official ExpressVPN website

HMA! Pro VPN (48% Off)

  • The biggest VPN service provider (190+ countries)
  • Easiest-to-use client ever
  • Top CS department is always at your service
  • Offers the fastest possible VPN servers
  • Offers diferrent plans for personals and orgs.
  • Visit official HMA! Pro VPN website

HideIPVPN ($0.99/Month)

  • Has no negative effect on P2P client, neither BitTorrent (based/related) program.
  • Offers a free trial (* 24 hours) with NO limitations.
  • Helps stream Netflix, Hulu and more, easily.
  • Offers Smart DNS packages.
  • Visit official HideIPVPN website

HIDE.Me (48% Off)

  • Its price starts at $0.00/Month! (* FREE to start) And, offering 15% off.
  • Offers FIVE simultaneous connections!
  • Supports SIX VPN protocols
  • Offers port forwarding
  • Visit official HIDE.Me website

Hotspot Shield Elite (80% Off)

IPVanish VPN (46% Off)

IronSocket VPN (40% Off)

  • Offering 40% discount NOW! Get extra 15% off coupon by using this code RATEDON15
  • Offer the best servers optimized for use with Torrent powered applications possible
  • Offers three simultaneous VPN connections
  • Has 50 VPN Servers in 35 Countries
  • Allows downloading server profiles.
  • Visit official IronSocket VPN website

iVPN (44% Off)

  • Its QUARTERLY Plan is offering 11% discount NOW!
  • Offers strong anonymity on demand
  • Very mobile-friendly (* L2TP/IPSec)
  • Visit official iVPN website

NordVPN (50% Off)

  • Offers the best possible offer in the area.
  • Allows using P2P and Torrent.
  • Offers high-level anonymousity.
  • Offers blazing VPN connections.
  • Visit official NordVPN website

Private Internet Access (52% Off)

PureVPN ($3.75/Month for 1 year)

  • You can get it at its Halloween Special Offer (Extra 10% OFF)!
  • Offers 500+VPN servers, and typical connection protocols.
  • Offers Split Tunneling, and other advanced settings for experienced VPN users.
  • All plans allow using 5 devices
  • Visit official PureVPN website

SaferVPN (70% Off)

  • A must-have option service that's offering the fastest VPN servers possbile
  • Has been specially engineered for the maximum speed (* 150+ servers in 24+ countries)
  • Visit official SaferVPN website

Steganos Online Shield VPN (50% Off)

TorGuard VPN ($5.95+/Month)

Unblock-Us ($4.99/Month)

  • Offers 7-day trial! Completely FREE!
  • Efficiently unblock Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and much more
  • brilliantly simple, secure and fast
  • Visit official Unblock-Us website

VyprVPN (25% Off)

  • Offering 50% OFF NOW!
  • Offers additional online storage (* 10+ GB)
  • Contains NAT Firewall if you choose VyprVPN pro or Premier
  • Offers 3 simultaneous VPN connections
  • Visit official VyprVPN website

airVPN (25% Off)


ibVPN (56% Off)

Hide-My-IP VPN

Trust.Zone VPN


VPN Land

Buffered VPN(Save up to $57.00/Year)

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For details, you can read this post at our blog section.

The Most Common Possible Questions When It Comes to VPN Services

Frequently, here're three Ws and two Hs.

  • What's a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
  • Why/When you people need it?
  • Why HideMyAss! Pro VPN? (Comparisons & Reviews)
  • How to Use HMA?
  • How to troubleshoot connection issues?

Above all, here're two typical VPN connections that can matter your Internet activities.

Option #1: Use VPN among remote offices and other places

(Credit: 2015 Microsoft)

Or, there'd be better chances you can do this by using a prefered VPN server (Option #2):



(Credit: 2015)

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Why do you need such a "secure tunnel" (* VPN service)?

Are you annoying with the problems below:

  • You can't access some stuff on your own network?
  • You're facing hidden risks when using a free Wi-Fi Internet?
  • You are NOT allowed to view some (prohibited) sources that could work only at a specific geolocation?
  • You're unhappy with the upload/ download speed? Or, you are unsatisfied with the current gaming experience?
  • You're worrying about your right of privacy? (New to) NSA? (See the following simple explanation)

(Photograph: Guardian)

Why? Why VPN Services?

Yes, let's get the answers intelligently by asking more questions you faced, or you're annoying with. Well, typically, there are 4 critical factors that can really impact your www life even Internet security!

Question #1: How would you rate so-called "Geolocation Restriction" like the aforementioned or the site?


Well, you would not feel better when someone is giving such a meanless apology. As for the said "error" above, how can you prove that you're still living inside the U.S.A., or how to change the current IP address you're using? For exprienced readers, please try following the given contribution from Joseph Frank, or take a closer look at the best VPN service providers in 2015.

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Question #2: How can you get a file from a non-free file hosting service without many problems?

Safety always comes first, for all of us: beware of those sponsored items (* fake downloads, risky "Congratulations" page, etc.).

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

And, with a professional VPN service, you can quickly change your IP: close your browser > clean cache > re-open your web tool > hit the "Change IP address" tab on your VPN software > wait while your VPN agent is loading a new IP for you > refresh and other Web service you want.

Question #3: Is someone is watching you, or spying you on the Internet?

Here’s another stunning image that helps you people better understand the importance of using a VPN service.

(By: Spectregroup @

... you're likely aware that the services or sites you visit or the browsers you use might track some of your web habits (communication even some sensitive data, etc.) in one way or another.


Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Additionally, use the Internet carefully, and NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

If you want it to be private don't put it on a computer, any computer. Don't say it in a crowd or on a telephone or a bus. If you write it on paper, keep the paper on your person or burn it and crumple the ashes. Don't mail it. Shield the paper when you are writing (especially from the cameras in your phone and computer) and remove the sheets of paper immediately below the page you wrote on. ...

(By Liza Loop, an user.)

Question #4: Free Wi-Fi? Please watch your back!

There's no such thing as a FREE lunch! NEVER help bad apples succeed by easily giving them the data they need to get going.

The aircr@ck (* Aircrack) suite is an excellent collection of tools written by Christophe Devine to perform packet capture, packet injection and WEP/WPA cr@cking (* cracking).

(From: Emrebozan's "Windows WIFI Collection WIFI HACK " at

Question #5: Blocked, or access denied?!


Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Why should you use the very best VPN service providers when you want to visit safely?

So-called FREE OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, or proxy server? Forget them, now! See why below:

  • July 14, 2015 - VPN password changed...
  • Our network has been experiencing high load lately...
  • High-bandwidth applications (e.g., BitTorrent) could not allowed on the VPN

Additional, you migh have to face the sponsored ads and other potentially unrelated items on the site, and more.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

New to bloatware? Please use the latest Hotspot Shield VPN HERE!:

As for Spotflux, another well-known VPN service in the market, we just encountered the following alert from Mozilla Firefox while we tried to open its official website:

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Well, we're also introducing HMA! Pro VPN - it'd be the best possible choice for (new) Internet users, for businesspeople, and more. And, here're the reasons we strongly recommend HMA to you are that simple (CLEAN), yet quite straightforward:

10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Privacy (By Kashmir Hill, Forbes Staff)

Using a VPN to protect your web use (By Jack Schofield at

Virtual private networks - how to make them work for you (By Pocket-lint at YAHOO! NEWS UK & IRELAND)

Vladimir Putin, Internet Villain (By Leonid Bershidsky at Bloomberg L.P.)

China Tightens Grip Ahead of Party Meeting (By Brian Spegele And Paul Mozur @ Dow Jones & Company, Inc)

Furthermore, HMA has been offering very kind and knowledgeable "Live chat/ support". To Enjoyeth their technical help, all you need is to hit the link on top right corner of your software, or write an email to Hide My Ass! Support if you need custom solutions even advanced tips. Well, here comes the highly recommended HideMyAss! Pro VPN (abbrev, HMA).

How to Get You Started with HMA! Pro VPN?

Before we discuss the parts below, let us suggest that you register for HMA Pro VPN first.

PART ONE: Installation

Section #1: For iPhone users, you follow the steps below, and we sure you'll open quickly, or try Hide My Phone later:

  • Type hidemyass, hit "Search".
  • Follow the wizards and install.
  • Enter your account details.
  • Install your HMA profile.
  • Install VPN L2TP.
  • Set the VPN you installed.
  • Turn on the VPN option.
  • Start your VPN experience.

See the original post at , and in the meantime, you can also browse more know-hows here.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Section #2: For Windows 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista, please follow the step-by-step guide below:

(UPDATED: Aug 1, 2015) Windows is still the driving force for how people and professionals get their job done. And, you'll be able to learn how to get HMA! installed on the newest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10.


    • Get the official installation file, save it in a non-system disk or, removal disk. Run that file as Admin.

    • If you are requested to get the ".NET Framework 3.5 SP1" installed during the process, please follow that on-screen information.

    • It may take a few minutes to complete the .NET 3.5 SP1 installation on your new Windows. It depends on your Internet connection.

    • Then, follow Windows Features, and get the .NET Framework package installed.

    • Wait while Windows is downloading required files...

    • Now, close Windows Features when get the job done for you.

    • Use your Admin right to install TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network adapters.

    • You'd be able to complete the Installation easily.

    • Register or, run HMA if you have an account already. We suggest that you customize your VPN agent so that you can open smoothly.

Had problem installing or using HMA!? You can take a closer look at...

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

For Microsoft Windows users, please read the following sections. They are easy-to-understand - now, please gain the Admin rights.

    • Click the Next > button on the "HMA! Pro VPN Setup".

    • Choose the"I Agree" option.

    • Click the Install if you're also ready.

    • Wait...

    • Please allow Windows Security install the Tap0901 in your operating system.

    • Wait...

    • Exit the Setup, and you can also run HMA client then.

    • Enter your HMA account info, create a new ID.

    • You might need to wait for few seconds while HMA is loading the latest configuration file.

Section #3: Here's how to install HMA on an old Windows XP SP3.

Note: You would be required to get Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 pre-installed.

For Mac users, you can browse's KB section for more info. Again, don't miss out the best offers from our recommendations:

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

PART TWO: Configurations

Recommended changes and reasons:

    • First, make sure that the "Auto Path" option has been enabled to your HMA client. This settings can be very useful when you face connection troubles like "blocked access".

Note: If you're running an old copy of HMA, we suggest that you first uninstall it from Windows' Control Panel, restart your PC, and then you install the agent using the newest setup file.

    • Apply "All servers" option to the "Country selection". This also can help resolve issue around accessing and/or some other common annoyances around connection, and give you a quality connection.

For some starters, you can also try out...

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

PART THREE: Frequently faced problems & solutions
  • Unable to connect to VPN server? Be sure the "Auto Path" is enabled, and you're using the latest build of VPN software; try temporarily disabling even uninstalling your virus protection (if you have).
  • Still unable to use and/or other video site even you've been connected? Please try out other VPN IP, or server in the list. And scroll down for more troubleshooting tips.
PART FOUR: Case Study, helping you surf like a pro

Case #1:

Sorry, you're not allowed to access this page.

Your IP address is: 108.62.xx.2x4

Please retry your request and contact Yelp if you continue experiencing issues.

NOTE #1: It happens that services like this ( are able to track your true location, as they have strict and updated filters, and they allow access only to residential, in this case US users.

NOTE #2: Avoid all other illegal things such as spamming, DDOS, and alike so that you can continue to use in the future.


  • Recommended one: Change IP, or server (before logging into your account at the said website
  • Or... you follow the professional steps below:
  1. Save your work, close your browser(s), and then clear your cache and cookies and all other temporary data. Furthermore, use incognito/private browsing in order to prevent other websites from reading your previous website visits and thus your original location, here is detailed how-tos:

    Please note: By selecting the "Clear saved passwords" option, your saved passwords will be deleted, so should you have any important passwords saved in the selected browser, don't tick that option.

  2. Note that Java & Flash cache are separately stored and cleared and can also cause issues regarding your location. Moreover, consider uninstalling Java if you do not use it at all, for security.

  3. The final step is to disable all forms of location services of your computer/device which reveal your actual location.

  4. Some services also check your computers/devices time or "Time zone" settings, here it makes sense to modify it accordingly to match the VPN servers location (e.g. US) before you visit
  • Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > "Change the time zone", and "Change location":

Additionally, to load without unwanted problems, try the following:

  • Do not change your IP address too often, as it is possible that they track your IP address by connecting it to your account you have registered on that service.

  • Every time you want to change IP address, first clear cache & cookies from your browser and use "incognito mode", then connect to VPN (or change IP address), then log in to your account on their service;

  • Maybe the solution can be creating more accounts on this server, and each to connect to different location; for every account I would also suggest clearing cookies and using incognito mode;

  • Also, you can try HMA's Proxy feature.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Case #2: LoadBillingInfo error

10/21/2014 6:53:04 PM LoadBillingInfo: requesting (proxy type: None)...
10/21/2014 6:53:05 PM LoadIpInfo: received data in HTTP response
10/21/2014 6:53:05 PM Secure IP Bind to interface:
10/21/2014 6:53:06 PM LoadBillingInfo error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.. Retrying...Attempt 2 of 10
10/21/2014 6:53:16 PM LoadBillingInfo: requesting (proxy type: None)...
10/21/2014 6:53:17 PM LoadBillingInfo error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.. Retrying...Attempt 3 of 10

NOTE: It'd be some temporary errors found.

The way to fix this issue is to do a clean re-install of HMA! Pro VPN. First, please uninstall it, then restart your computer. Now please temporarily disable any firewalls or anti-virus program(s) you may have been running (especially Windows Firewall).

Next, install HMA! Pro VPN @ this link, but this time, remember: you right-click the set-up file and select "Run as Administrator".

Once installed, run HMA! Pro VPN by right-clicking the shortcut on your desktop, and select "Run as Administrator" option on the menu.

You can also use our alternative clients and connection methods such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and/or L2TP.

Again, never miss out the powerful "Auto Path" option - this will offer you better options to open the effective way.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Case #3: What was PsExec/ Riskware ( 0040f0f51) / "PE:Trojan.Win32.Generic.14B19079!347181177"?!

There's no need to worry: they are false positive errors only. Hide My Ass! Support will check that as soon as possible and they are security company, and they would certainly not allow any virus, nor badware in their software, also they have a lot of loyal users and they will make sure that all steps are taken that their safety and security is on the highest level possible. As for malware infection or attack, take a closer look at this post.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Now, you can access website stealthly

Please be educated that different ISPs in different countries are applying different rules and there is NO unique solution. That is exactly why our team at is working very hard to improve our service and implement new and better solutions to help our visitors, readers and customers. Again:

  • First, PPTP is quite easy to get blocked due to using specific, well-known VPN ports. So first step is to use a different VPN protocol.
  • Second, L2TP is always good to try, but is similarly easy to block, too.
  • With OpenVPN, however, HMA has an advantage - not only does it work through ports that can't really be blocked as they are also used for "normal" purposes (being 44* for OpenVPN-TCP - the SSL port that HTTPS sites also use; and 53 for OpenVPN-UDP - the port that's also used for DNS requests). Additionally, when connecting via OpenVPN, you have the option to modify the port. So instead the port 44* for OpenVPN-TCP, you can also use 44*, 44*, 44* etc. And, instead port 53 for OpenVPN-UDP, you can use 54, 55, 56, etc. With the HMA! Pro VPN client for Windows or Mac that's done via "Auto-path" feature (You can easily find it in Dashboard -> Settings). When connecting via OpenVPN outside of our client, you're using *.ovpn files that specify the port number in them. So just edit the port (e.g. switch from 53 to 54), save the *.ovpn file and connect.

Of course, if ISPs block the IPs, or VPN server(s), this won't help. Generally, there's then only the option to try as many servers as possible so you can successfully read the content at

Another way - which we do not recommend though due to affecting speed very much - is using an "IP:Port proxy" together with the VPN. It's a method, e.g., people from UAE have been using for a while to bypass their internet restrictions.

You might know, all the VPN Clients (e.g. the HMA VPN software) support the use of "IP:Port proxies". This should normally only be used if you're connected to the internet through a local network proxy (like at some schools or workplaces). But this feature can also be used with "remote" proxies. Check out those sources yourself.

Since the VPN traffic takes a very ineffective and longer route when opening, connection issues and speed decreases can be expected. But you should always avoid your ISP from knowing the VPN IP/ server and you can allow the VPN connections to be made without much trouble.

Unblock Geo-restricted Content & Encrypt All Your Traffic NOW!

Review the list below contains top VPN service providers in the industry so you can visit with ease.

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