As we all know, Facebook is the most popular social media platform and it is widely used around the globe. The App is loved by millions of people because it enables anyone to stay connected with friends and it is also a good tool for marketing. Additionally Facebook doesn’t require any registration fee. That’s why Facebook is popular and successful nowadays. However, Facebook has been blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall since 2009. Users who attempt to access Facebook website from the mainland will be greeted with an error page. If you are using an App on your iPhone, you will find the feed will not refresh at all and you will not receive notifications anymore. But don’t worry. In this article, we will elaborate how to use Facebook on iPhone while staying in China.

Is it Possible to Use Facebook in China on iPhone?

Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Although it offers a range of good functions to its members, all Facebook services are not accessible in Mainland China. Facebook was blocked following the July 2009 Ürümqi riots because Xinjiang independence activists were using Facebook as part of their communications network. But thankfully, there is still a way that allows you to bypass China’s Internet censorship and access Facebook, whether you are a tourist or expatriate entering China – Using a VPN service.

Access Facebook on iPhone by Using VPN in China

A VPN is one of the most common solutions that are used by the people in China to use Facebook. It encrypts all of your iPhone’s internet traffic and then routes it through a server in a remote location of your choice. In this case, you could connect to a VPN server that isn’t blocked outside of China. With a VPN, not only can you access social media, apps and websites banned by China’s authorities, but you get the added bonus of having your Internet traffic encrypted. If you want to have a good trip in China, then the VPN is definitely one of the best investments. Install a VPN on your iPhone to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Snapchat and other popular services in China now!

How to Choose a Good VPN for iPhone?

A best VPN for iPhone should involve in two aspects. One is the ability to protect your privacy well and the other is it can really help you unblock restricted contents. Everyday, your iPhone needs to constantly connect to various websites, and those connections are always vulnerable to hacking, data theft, and other attacks. When you use Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, the airport, or the hotel you’re staying at while traveling cross-country, you have no idea whether or not the connection you’re using is secure. To protect your privacy and personal data, you need a virtual private network. There are hundreds of VPNs on the market but not every VPN works superbly on an iPhone.

First of all, you should look for a VPN provider that supports iOS. And then you need to check out how many servers do they have and their locations. If you’re looking to access US media sources like Netflix and YouTube without geo-blocking, then a VPN service with the majority of its nodes in Africa and Asia is of very little use to you. Also knowing how many concurrent connections are allowed is very important if you have more than one device. Choose a No-Logs VPN to make sure the VPN provider doesn’t record any of your data. Last but not the least, avoid FREE VPN services or you may be trapped in a scam.

The Best VPNs to Unblock Facebook in China on iPhone

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  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • High level of Speed & Security
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV and router
  • With 700+ servers and 200,000 + global IPs, connections
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • 3 day free trial
  • $3.75/Month(BILLED ANNUALLY
    or US$9.95/mo billed monthly – 3 Simultaneous Connections )
  • $5.00/Month (BILLED ANNUALLY
    or US$12.95/mo billed monthly – 5 Simultaneous Connections)

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  • Provide industry-leading privacy protection
  • Keep no logs or history of user’s activity online
  • Contains extra cyber Security solution
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  • $59.99/Year (44% off)
  • $44.99/6 Months (17% off)

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  • Unblock restricted content instantly
  • Offer 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, and split tunneling
  • 145+ VPN servers in 94 countries
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  • $59.95/6 Months
  • $99.95/Year

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Buffered VPN

  • Allow 5 simultaneous connections from anywhere in the world
  • Bypass online censorship & Offer tough encryption
  • With unlimited VPN speed & bandwidth
  • Do not log any of your online activities
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • $12.99/Month (Monthly Plan)
  • $59.94/6 Months (Bi-Annual Plan; Save 23%)
  • $99.99/Year (Annual Plan)

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  • Offer easy-to-use app for every device
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • With 700+ high-speed servers in over 35 worldwide
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  • $59.95/Year (Save 65%)

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  • With servers in over 190+ countries
  • Allow to watch the content you want from anywhere on Earth at blazing fast speeds
  • Encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address from hackers and spies
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  • $49.99/Six Months (Save 28%)
  • $78.66/Year (Save 48%)

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  • Provide military-grade encryption
  • Access any website or web-based service without revealing your real IP or location
  • Compatible with 50+ Routers, Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs, OS & Devices
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  • $8.95/ Six Months (Save 25%)
  • $2.91/2 Year (Save 76 %)


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