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How to Access Popcorn Time in China?

Do you have problem in accessing Popcorn Time in China? How to bypass the Internet filters? In this article, we will talk about how to unblock Popcorn Time in China.

Why Popcorn Time is Blocked in China?

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform which combines torrent site with media player all in one. You are allowed to gather up your favorite content and watch it at the same place. You can watch the movie instantly because Popcorn Time is able to find the best possible version and start steaming soon. Popcorn Time is based around torrenting which catches a bit of controversy. Hence, it is blocked in some countries and regions due to the copyrights. At the same time, it is not accessible in some countries because of the Internet filters. For example, there are geo restrictions in China and United Arab Emirates. It is considered as inappropriate, politically sensitive, or otherwise disruptive to society, thus being blocked by the Great Firewall of China.
Though Popcorn Time is blocked in China, many users in China still want to access Popcorn Time to watch new and classic videos. They can watch precious videos that are not available on other video-sharing platform. Best of all, it is free. How can they bypass the powerful firewall and strict Internet censorship to make Popcorn Time available in China? In China, the most effective and popular way is using a VPN.
VPN is Virtual Private Network. It helps you access Popcorn Time in China by masking your real IP with a new fake one. When you try to visit Popcorn Time, the ISP only can see the new IP address which is provided by the VPN provider. Your IP is hidden so that others do not know who and where you are. You will not be blocked on Popcorn Time for having a China’s IP. It creates encrypted private connection for users. The snoopers, ISP, Firewall, and the government can not monitor your activities and intercept your session. They do not know what you are doing on the Internet. You are anonymous and your Internet privacy is well protected. Continue Reading

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How to Store Files on Dropbox in China?

Hi. I have problem in storing files on Dropbox because Dropbox is blocked in China. I used it to store my important files all the time. I need to access my files and store new files on it while traveling in China. Please help!

Dropbox is Blocked in China?

Dropbox is a useful file hosting service. You can store your photos, docs, videos, and other files on it and access them any time you want. Once you upload important files on it, there is no need to worry if you deleted important files on the computer by accident because you still have one copy on cloud. It also helps you save space on desktop and mobile device. For example, you love shooting videos and photos and have lots of works. With time goes by, they are huge and occupy lots of space on your memory card and device. Luckily, you can upload them to the cloud. It is a safe and convenient way to store your files online. However, Dropbox is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. You need a VPN to unblock it.

Why Dropbox is Blocked in China?

As we all know, many western websites and services are blocked in China. The Internet censorship in China is very strict. They built golden shied to prevent users in China to access the content that they think are not good to their development. Dropbox is one of the blocked internet services in China. Not like Facebook and YouTube, the reason why Dropbox is blocked is not because it can trigger the social misbehavior among the Chinese society. In fact, they block this application in order to promote the local Internet cloud and allow it hold a good position in the market. That has given the local internet company a chance to spread in the domestic market because the people have only these local websites and application to use. This is one of the strongest reasons why China is not allowing all the critical applications to run on the internet.

With the strict Internet censorship and powerful golden shield of China, Dropbox which is known as your personal internet cloud cannot be used with the help of the Chinese ISPs while you are located in China. It seems that you have to require to either get out of the Chinese border or to avail the services of the different servers that are belonged to a place near but not in China. However, is this possible? Yes, it is possible. You need a VPN to make it possible. VPN is short for Virtual private network. It connects you with the outside servers secretly. Continue Reading

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