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How to Use DuckDuckGo in China

Can’t load DuckDuckGo in China. I don’t know what’s going on here. I come to China for work. Lately, I found it was not able to use DuckDuckGo here. I came to China 3 years ago and it worked back then. Is there a way to help me access it again in China? Please help!

Brief Information about DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track you on the Internet. It is very popular among Internet users all over the world because it protects users’ search history and other privacy from others. In this media society, people pay more and more attention to their online privacy as the cyber criminals are trying to steal users’ personal data for illegal money by taking advantage of the advance technology. DuckDuckGo helps to protect them. Named on the famous child game Duck, duck, goose this search engine has grown tremendously, thanks to the different type of services that have provided to lure the new users daily With the achievements like being recognized by Apple on Safari browser and Firefox, this search engine is growing day by day. DuckDuckGo meets people’s need. It is first introduced in China in 2008. However, it is blocked in China. You can’t access it in a simple way. The Internet censorship and firewall is supper power in China. You need extra help to use it.
“Virtual Private Networks are the Key to accessing DuckDuckGo and other blocked websites behind the Great Firewall of China. VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your session and hides your China-address IP to bypass the complicated firewall. Use VPN, select the server from outside China and enjoy surfing on the Internet. Continue Reading

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How to Access OneDrive in China?

Hello. My OneDrive never load. Is there any one has the same experience? This account worked when I first created it in New York, but now it doesn’t work anymore. By the way, I live in China now. I want to know what the problem here is and how to fix it. Anyone can help?

What is OneDrive and Why I can’t Load it in China?

OneDrive is file-hosting service owned by Microsoft. No matter where you are, you can share your documents, photos, and other files to your partner to stay productive and work together all the time. It works on Android device, computer and any other devices you use. If you have an OneDrive app on your mobile device, you can easily work with your personal and work files when you’re on the go. It has been very popular among users. It makes our works become easier. However, OneDrive is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. That means users in China can’t access OneDrive with the help of ISP in China. The good news is you still can use it in China. What you need is an IP which does not belong to China. You connection is blocked due to your Chinese IP. So, how and where you can get a new IP? Just a VPN! The VPN server will provide IPs that you need.
What is a VPN?
VPN is the virtual private network. It creates encrypted connection within public Network for users. With the help of a VPN, the ISP, national firewall and government do not know what you are doing online. Besides, you are anonymity online with the new IP provided the VPN server. That means you can be living in any other countries online while you are in China. Continue Reading

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How to Use Facebook in China on Android?

Is it Possible to Use Facebook in China on Android?

Android has widely used thanks to its ease of use and fantastic user interface. However, if you are in China, this mobile OS will be just like any other mobile OS that is unable to get you in touch with the Facebook. Is there a way to use Facebook in China on Android? Yes. There is a way.
In this article, we will elaborate how one use Facebook on Android phone staying in China. However, why is it so hard in China but not anywhere else? Well, the reason is simple. Facebook is one of those blocked social sites in China that are considered to a threat to the Chinese society. The great firewall has not only blocked the Facebook but many other websites, search engine, video channels and much more. There are around 1.4 million of the websites that have been blocked by the Chinese government.
So if you are immigrant in China for a while, then let us tell you the Chinese internet service providers will not let you access the different websites that you might have been using from ages because Chinese internet works completely different than the web around the globe.

Access Facebook on Android by Using VPN in China

VPN is one of the most common solutions that are used by the people in China to run Facebook. Not only the fact that the VPN is completely legal, but it is also a fast, reliable, secure and robust mode of getting access to the different type of blocked website in China.
The working of the VPN is entirely straightforward and based on the fact that VPN will hide your data request and result with the help of the encryption of the data.
Thanks to this facility, people in China widely use these VPNs but if the government comes to know about what you are using VPN for, then that VPN website will be blocked for forever. However, let us tell you another fantastic point that if once you have stated to use the VPN, then it does not matter if the site is blocked or not you can get access to the blocked site via VPN very easily. Continue Reading

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