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How to Use Twitter in China?

Can’t use Twitter in China? What’s wrong with it? Why can’t you use Twitter in China? It was not only the Facebook that was blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall in 2009, but it was Twitter and YouTube as well that were in the list of the social sites that might provoke the riots happened in 2009.

Reasons Why Twitter is Blocked in China

It is for the social well-being of the people that social sites like Twitter have been blocked by the Chinese internet censorship.
This is what the Chinese government has stated after blocking the different online social media websites in China. Yes, this is true that in China the internet does not work the way it works around the globe. Chinese people have their national websites that keep them away from all the other prominent sites around the world. Due to Chinese internet censorship, Chinese people cannot use Facebook, cannot search on Google, cannot buffer videos on YouTube, and they cannot also tweet on the Twitter. The reason stated by the government is simple, “We are preventing our people from the all the wrong social threats going over the internet.”
It is not only Twitter, but there are around 1.4 million websites that have been blocked by the Chinese GFW. However, using Twitter is not the difficult in China. All you got to do is to subscribe to a VPN service and get connected with the server that is outside the mainland of China. Continue Reading

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How to Use Vimeo in China?

Something that may be threatening to the public appearance of the Chinese government then it will be simply blocked in China.

Can’t Use Vimeo in China?

Chinese internet censorship is quite a great topic around the globe because if you are looking to stay long in China, then you must know that the great firewall of China will not let you access more than 1.4 millions of the world’s websites. These websites and applications include some of the most common websites like Google and its services, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and so on.
Vimeo, being the first HD video supporter online, is also blocked in China. Hence you will not be able to upload, share and watch videos on the Vimeo in China. The reason is simple. According to the Chinese authorities, this application may provoke the Chinese people or may hurt their religious or social feelings by giving them the content that is suitable for them. Although its sounds silly, it is one of the reasons that have been provided by the Chinese authorities to support their internet censorship. Continue Reading

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How to Use Wall Street Journal in China?

Wall Street Journal is one of the news websites whose Chinese version has been blocked in China. The main reason is to stop the foreign publishers to publish about China on their websites in their language.
If you find any news that has something offensive about the Chinese government that can provoke the people of China, then the government will only block that news and its source. Hence there are many online news websites and mobile applications that are not allowed to be accessed in the China by the great firewall. If you are a reader of the Wall Street Journal and want to get access to it on the Chinese mainland, then you will not be able to get it with the Chinese servers. Hence you need the other methods to get the access to the wall street journal in China.
Methods to access wall street journal in china
Through this article, we will be inculcating different methods that can be used to get access to the wall street journal in China. One can take a look at the points stated below to get the access to the wall street journal: Continue Reading

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How to Use Flicker in China?

Hey. I am trying to use Flicker here in China. Though it’s banned in China, I really need it. I promise I will not use it to do bad things that are harmful to the nation. Please help me access Flicker in China. Thanks.

Can You Use Flicker in China?

“The great firewall of China is working on blocking the sites that are considered to be dangerous for the people of China.”
China has blocked many famous websites and services. People in China can’t access them in a simple way. From dangerous we didn’t mean that they can harm the people or kill them from dangerous, we mean that the sites that can give offensive and some threatening results that might affect the thinking of the Chinese people. To protect the cultural heritage, to protect the feelings and the ethics of the Chinese people, this blocking has been done by the Chinese government since the year 2010. There are around 1.4 million websites that have been blocked by the great firewall of China. Let me introduce some of the sites for you guys that are not only widely sued around the globe but also liked by the people of China:
1.Google and associated services like Gmail, Maps, Google Play, etc.
2.Flicker from Yahoo.
3.The search engine like DuckDuckGo.
4.Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
5.YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.
All these websites are not only famous but have the maximum amount of users around the globe, but these websites can’t be accessed in the country that has the most people residing in it throughout the world.
China holds the first place in the most populated countries in the world and yet there are many websites that are not available by this most populated country. Continue Reading

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How to Use Facebook in China?

Imagining the world without Facebook, that sounds impossible for many people around the globe. But in China, the people are not allowed to use Facebook and some of the other social websites.In this piece of writing, we will be focusing on the different reasons why the Chinese government has blocked the various types of websites and how can we get access to them in China but by not using Chinese internet service providers. Let’s see each of these topics one by one.

Why Facebook is blocked in China?

Back in 2009, social riots were going on, and the Chinese government found that the social networking sites are the reason behind these riots and hence these sites were blocked in China and are still blocked as they are considered harmful for the human feelings of the people of China. The government stated that these sits are provoking the people for the riots and for maintaining peace these sites must be blocked. And hence the Facebook and other social websites are blocked.
Something that can provoke the people to do something harmful or offensive is blocked by the Great fire wall of China. This is one of the security measures taken by the Chinese government for protecting its people. It’s not only the Facebook, but there are many other websites like Google, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are blocked by the Chinese government as the act of the precautionary measure.
Continue Reading

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How to Use Hulu in China?

Hey. My friends who come from US told me they can watch latest series on Hulu. I was hoping to this series, but I found that I was not able to use Hulu in my house. Does that mean Hulu is blocked? Because, I heard that many websites in China have been blocked. If so, how can I use Hulu in China?

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an American subscription video on demand service. It gives you unlimited instant streaming of current episodes and full seasons of hit TV shows, plus a huge library of past seasons of top shows. The hottest new series and the latest movies are all streaming in one place. If you never heard about it, it’s normal because Hulu has been blocked by some countries. For example, Hulu is not available in China. If you are staying in China, then let me tell you one thing, it is impossible for you to get in touch with Hulu unless you have a VPN.

Why has China blocked Hulu in the Chinese mainland?

Just like another blocked website, Hulu also comes in the list of the online live streaming website that may show the content that is not suitable for the viewing of the Chinese people. Such content may not only provoke the people, but such content can also spoil the mind of the young generation and hence the Chinese government has not only stopped Hulu but about 1.4 million online websites. Continue Reading

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How to Use Gmail in China?

Hello. I need help of accessing Gmail in China. How can I bypass the Great Firewall of China? I tried everything I could, but no luck. Can help tell me how can I use Gmail again in China like I did in US? Is there a way to make me like a US user on Gmail? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Can’t Use Gmail in China?

You may notice that Gmail is not available for users in China. No matter how great your Network is, you can’t access Gmail. It’s true because it has nothing to do with the Network. It’s the Great Firewall of China which blocks many famous websites and services. After the dispute with the Google in 2008, China have banned all the Google associated applications and the services in China since 2010. One of such service is Gmail, which is the hub for communication for most of the people around the globe. Hence if you are going to China then make sure you have an email id from yahoo or Hotmail. If you still prefer Gmail, you can use Gmail in China with the help of a VPN. Continue Reading

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