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ZenMate: A Must-have Online Shield to Secure Your e-Identity, e-Security and More!

ZenMate allows you securely make the best of Internet without worrying about the the risks of compromise to the right to privacy & freedom, Web security and more.

  • 1

    Offer truly competitive pricing plans for regular users.

    From common end-users to small-sized companies, ZenMate perfectly plans scale with your needs. And, the "Best offer" (* starts at $9.99/Month) is the best part ever about ZenMate.

  • 2

    Enjoy the superfast VPN servers, just in case you don't experience them yet.

    With ZenMate, you can re-use some country (e.g., American) only Web resources like Netflix without buffering.

  • 3

    Keep your Internet activities in private, PROFESSIONALLY.

    Just forget about NSA, snoopers and/or other Internet tracking tools, as ZenMate Premium VPN has been offering the military-grade data encryption (* the very best VPN network).

  • 4

    Engineer simpler yet more powerful built-in settings and features.

    Choose the best possible private DNS servers that meet your needs for speed, anonymity and more.

  • 5

    Very intuitive to get started and use on all your devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Ubuntu, etc).

    ZenMate is just straight-forward enough, securing your online activities the most effective way.

How to Use ZenMate Premium VPN Client on Windows 10?

Here're a few steps to get started with ZenMate Premium VPN:

  • Register for ZenMate VPN, or log in your existing ZenMate Premium VPN account.
  • Download the latest build of ZenMate Premium VPN that your operating system can be installed on.
  • Follow the video guide given below, and install ZenMate Premium VPN for your Windows OS.
  • Run ZenMate Premium VPN setup file as administrator (Windows).
  • Select the "Yes" option from Windows' UAC alert.
  • Wait when the install is completed, within few seconds.
  • Enter your ZenMate Premium VPN log-in info correctly, or you sign up a VPN plan that works for you.

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"ZenMate just allows to easily choose the world-wide top VPN servers! I just enjoy its speedy connection and really excellent customer help."

- Louise Murray

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